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Do you have any problems in knurling?
In the process of knurling, if the tool is not used properly, it will not only damage the tool and knurled wheel, but also damage the machine tool
Why are the lines disordered during processing ?
Improper knurling processing results in disordered lines and burrs
How to knurl non-standard products ?
The standard knurling tool can't be machined for arc, cone and concave surface
Where can I provide technical support for knurling ?
The general company is only responsible for tool sales, problems can not be solved
The lathe spindle is damaged by forced machining after improper tool clamping
Why does knurling damage the lathe ?
4 kinds of knurling technology and 50 kinds of knurling tools
Hison tools knurling tools have a wide range of products, which can help you to solve the problems of different knurling patterns
Cutting knurling
The contact mode is point contact High finish of knurling It is necessary to reserve the undercut The cutter head angle needs to be adjusted
Extrusion knurling

Simple and convenient
Easy to install and debug
Difficult to process high hardness products
Nipping knurling

Machining small diameter workpieces
High processing stability
Small pitch tolerance
Reduce radial force and protect machine tool

Three wheel knurling

Precision knurling process
High processing quality
Protect machine tool
There is a maximum diameter limit

Knurling tool center
Sharp tools make good work
Single wheel form knurling tools
Material: High speed Steel
Size: 12x12 16x16 20x20 25x25
Machinable pattern: straight knurling, less than the thickness of knurling wheel Processing advantages: all kinds of tools can be used Note: hard workpiece processing, the effect is not ideal
Unique craftsmanship
Hison Tools is made for knurling
Hison tool knurling stories
20 years of customer trust in brands
Ruled knurling and nipping

Knurling - cutting
Knurling - cutting
End face knurling
Knurling - cutting
Using double wheel cutting knurling cutter, cutting tool processing stainless steel knurling
Customized solutions
Identify needs
Evaluate according to customer's drawing requirements for knurling
plan production
After confirmation, advance deposit and arrange production
Free proofing
After 1-2 knurling scheme is provided, proofing test is carried out
Delivery of products
Delivery within 3-7 working days
Effect evaluation
Send the successful proofing effect back to the customer for comparison
Hison tools focus on knurling cutter for 20 years
Choose Hison tools, not afraid of all kinds of knurling problems

Programme evaluation
Proofing of special products
Provide customized service
After sales technical support
Special non-standard rolling pattern road can be proofed free of charge
Provide 1-2 knurling solutions according to customer's demand
Provide customized service for knurling cutter and knurling wheel
After sales processing problems, can contact technical personnel to solve
years of experience
kinds of knurling tools
cooperative enterprises
knurling schemes
Products witness strength
One stop knurling processing service provider, creating beautiful knurling lines
Innovative Patent Technology
The problem solving rate of knurling is over 90%
Strict production process
Research and development of customized knurling cutter in 12 processes
Strong R & D team
Do not change the original intention, years of hard work in the knurling industry
Rich product categories
The product specification is complete, can satisfy each kind of use demand
The cutting tools are independent research and development, and have obtained a number of national patents. It is easy to install and has strong applicability, which reduces the debugging time and improves the processing efficiency. In the future, we will continue to strive for innovation and bring more innovative and high-quality knurling tools to our customers.
In terms of R & D, we have invested millions to build R & D centers, purchase more comprehensive equipment, and realize independent control of products. In the production process, while continuously reducing the defective products, improve the production efficiency and quality.
The engineer team comes from automobile, medical and other industries, has many years of processing experience, is proficient in various mainstream CNC lathes, technicians face the problems in the process of customer use, and put forward a variety of innovative solutions.
For a variety of knurling patterns, we have developed more than 50 series of knurling tools, such as ruled, reticulated, end face, inner hole and arc surface knurling. With more than 100 models, we can customize standard knurling tools and knurling wheels according to drawings.
About Hison Tools
Hison Tools was founded in 2000, acting as the American accu knurling wheel all the year round. Under the leadership of the founder, we always adhere to the R & D concept of "high efficiency, precision and simplicity", constantly develop and design knurling tools, face customers' demand for knurling, and provide diversified solutions.
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Get knurling standard GB / t6403.3

Get knurling standard GB / t6403.3


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